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The best alternative to a deposit with interest

CRESCO Finance. Your reliable partner in the Russian investment market.

We have been successfully overcoming the contemporary economic challenges and contributing to the growth and wellbeing of our clients since 2009. CRESCO Finance provides a full range of services in trust and advisory asset management, M&A support, business process structuring and independent asset valuation.

Our company

holds all the required stock market trading licences and certificates.

Our brand

has established a sound reputation in the financial community. Our history dates back to 2009, and we have successfully survived all the economic challenges of the last decade.

Our mission

is to promote the economic growth and wellbeing of our clients.

Our clients

benefit from our comprehensive services in trust and advisory asset management, M&A support, business structuring, and independent assets valuation.

Our team

are professionals with unique expertise and qualification certificates, specializing in fledged financial solutions for asset management.

With our specialists’ professional experience and a fresh perspective on the current trends, we can develop unique financial strategies and tools to work here and now. Our activity is licensed and complies with the law of the Russian Federation and the core provisions of international law.


CRESCO Finance is a team of professionals with unique competences and extensive experience in Russian and foreign financial markets. All our officers have relevant qualification certificates and specialize in fledged financial solutions for asset management.

Mikhail Alyonushkin
Andrey Syrchin
Managing Director. Member of the Board
Anastasia Pogorelovskaya
Director, Investment Banking Department
Grigoriy Subbotin
Portfolio Manager
Dmitry Afanasiev
Leading Analyst
Dmitry Mikheev
Private Investors Asset Manager
Anton Verbov
Director of Communications